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Square Hole Perforated Metal

Accurate Alloys, Inc. stocks a number of square hole perforated metal sheets, panels and wire mesh ready for immediate shipment. Free delivery is included to customers in the greater Los Angeles area on most orders. We will also package and ship same or next day for UPS, Fed Ex or common carrier shipments.

Perforated square holes are often used as grills as they have a greater open area. This is the reason you see many speaker grills made with perforated square holes, the perforated screens allow sound to pass through while protecting the speaker from damage. Square holes are also used as machine guards and applications requiring a high open area. Accurate Alloys, Inc. stocks square hole perforated patterns ranging from .200” to 3/4” diameter.

Square Hole Perforated Materials

Accurate Alloys offers square hole perforated sheet in the following materials:

  • Carbon steel (cold & hot rolled)
  • Type 304 stainless steel
  • Aluminum

All stock patterns are straight patterns (also referred to as “in line), but are also available in staggered patterns. See the diagrams below for a partial list of stock and available patterns. There are many patterns available for your application. Call and talk with a salesmen for assistance in matching your application and pattern.

Square Hole Perforated Sheet Metal Work Gallery

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