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Ordering Expanded Sheet Metal

Accurate Alloys, Inc. makes it easy to specify and order expanded metals like a pro! See the examples below on how to order steel, galvanized, stainless, and aluminum expanded metals.

How To Order

Specify Examples
Steel Stainless Aluminum
1) Quantify Ordering 5 sheets 5 sheets 5 sheets
2) Give the Style or Size 1/2" 1/2" 1/2"
3) Give the Gauge or Thickness 13 13 .081"
4) Specify Flat or Raised (standard) Flat Flat Flat
5) Kind of Metal Steel T304 Aluminum
6) Size of Sheet 48" x 96" 48" x 96" 48" x 96"

Notes and variations for specifying expanded metals:

  • Stainless steel is type 304 stainless, type 316 is stocked but must be specified.
  • Aluminum is specified by the decimal thickness and not the gauge (ie., ½" x .081" flat 48" x 96".
  • Galvanized expanded is mild steel that is hot dipped after expanding to coat all exposed edges. Hot dipping has a distinct industrial look since the coating is not uniform.
  • Standard and Regular are terms for Raised expanded; Flat is only …well …flat!

Thickness and gauges:

All thickness specifications for all alloys refer to the material thickness before it is expanded. Not all patterns are available in all thicknesses; ie., it is not possible to use the 1/2” size in 9 gauge.

Custom Expanded:

If you need a different alloy, or a particular size that is not listed please ask us. 

Unsure how to specify for your application? Do you have questions about gauges, shearing, or material? Call us, and we will be glad to guide you through each step of the ordering process.

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